Sunday, March 28, 2010


Sometimes when you noodle around on the computer, you find something that just stops you dead in your tracks. That happened to me when I came across these unbelievably beautiful hand-blown glass pieces by Los Angeles-based JOE CARIATI.

And here he is, tattoos and all. The personal aspect is rock ‘n roll rough, but the glassware is pure refinement.

Cariati was born in Seattle in 1971 and is classically trained in Italian glassblowing techniques. He’s a painter, too. Here’s one of his paintings.
The paintings seem much more in tune with the personal gestalt, but it’s the glass I can’t get enough of (although these photos are probably as close as I’m ever going to get to one since they cost many hundreds of dollars each).

Joe sells his pieces at places like Barney’s, at Fred Segal in Los Angeles, and at the Museum of Art and Design in Manhattan. Also, happily, online at his own web site. Check it out for even more mesmerizingly gorgeous glass:

These things certainly are photogenic! —ML

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